Elk Shield Violin


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Violik or Elbe Shield (Polish Łabski Szczyt, German Veilchensteine ​​or Veilchenspitze), is a mountain located in the Silesian Ridge in Giant Mountains, on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. It is a cone-shaped peak with a cliff on its top. The mountain lies 1 km north of Labská bouda, 5,5 km north of Dolní Mísečky and 6 km from Polish Piechowice.

On the slopes of Violík there are scree and stone seas. The main feature of the summit games, however, are the stinking stick, in lower positions then grows a kneel. On the southwest slope, less than a kilometer from the summit, lies the Elbe Meadow, where the Elbe River springs.

You can reach the summit on the red-marked ridge path of the Czech-Polish friendship. It passes through the top rocks from the southern side at a distance of about 40 meters. The rock itself is located in zone I GiantNational Park and is therefore inaccessible to tourists. From the top of the peak is a good view of Mountains, Giant Mountains and to the Jeleniogor Basin.

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