Labský důl & Labská bouda

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The Elbe Mine (Elbgrund in German) is a glacial valley on the upper reaches of the Elbe River at its Giant Mountains.

The Elbe Mine is located in the National Park Mountains and leads from Labská bouda to Špindlerův Mlýn. Count Harrach built the first road through the Elbe Mine at the end of 19. century. The length of the mine is approximately 8 kilometers and is led by the blue tourist mark.

The cascading Pančavský and Labský waterfall, which is located in close proximity to Labská bouda, falls into the Elbe Mine. Near the mine there is a scree cave Krakonošova treasury.

Labská bouda is a private hotel in Giant Mountains, in the first zone GiantNational Park. Labská bouda lies at an altitude of 1340 meters on the Elbe meadow near the town of Špindlerův Mlýn. A few hundred meters from the shed there is the Elbe spring. Due to its location, it is an important orientation element especially in winter.

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