Paseky nad Jizerou


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Paseky nad Jizerou view from the height of 06.04.2018. Paseky nad Jizerou are a mountain village in the district of Semily, in the Liberec region, in the western Giant Mountains on the border of the Jizera Mountains, on the right side of the Jizera Mine. 252 lives here; A number of cottages and other buildings are now used for recreational stays. The northern part of the municipality belongs to GiantNational Park, the southern part including the main residential units in the PLA Giant Mountains. The village was probably based in 16. However, the oldest record dates back to 1654. The oldest part was Makov, where the glassworks were already in existence, and the Silver mine. Over time, forests in the vicinity of human activity receded and new cottages appeared other cottages, whose inhabitants were often weavers. Stones from originally wooded areas are concentrated in today's overgrown heaps.

In 1789 the church was built and in 1791 regular school lessons were started in Paseky. The local school was taught by national revivalists, cantor Josef Šimůnek and his assistant Věnceslav Metelka, who became the initiators of the rich musical, theater, literary and cultural life of the village. Věnceslav Metelka trained as a self-taught violin-maker and founded the family violin-making tradition from which the so-called Krkonoševiolin school, still alive in the world in the genera Pilařů, Špidlenů and Vedralů. After the Second World War, the music tradition of Pasek violin teacher František Vedral revived for a while, but at the end of the fifties the band and amateur theater disappeared. In the seventies 20. century worked in the village and the church. Václav MUDr. Ladislav Kubíček. In the year 1980 the St. Wenceslas Choir was founded at the church, which now has over 30 members and since 1990 has been organizing the Pasek Music Festival every year; the choir orchestra is mostly performed by professional musicians.

The village is the scene of the realistic novel by Karel Vaclav Raise Zapadlí vlastenci. His plot is set in 40. flight 19. century, and Paseky is renamed Pozdětin, Rais draws on his memoirs of Metel's memories, an award-winning work of folk-writing.

In the village there are woodworks FUKNER sro, producer of cardboard and cardboard packaging EMBA sro and sheep farm Bell Tower.

Local history is dedicated to the Museum of the Lost Patriots in the former rectory building, next to St. Wenceslas Church and opposite the Na Budárce restaurant. The museum is dedicated to the work of violinist and sculptor Věnceslav Metelka and writer Karel Václav Rais, the life of local mountaineers in 19. century, violin making and weaving. The memorial was established in 1958 in the ground floor rooms of the rectory, and in 1975 it was reconstructed according to a script by PhDr. Jaromír Jech, connoisseur and publisher of Metelka's work. In 1978, the exposition was extended to the upper floor. The museum is currently under the administration Giantnational park.

The village is made up of several settlements and a number of mountain cottages spread over the slopes. The whole municipality includes one cadastral area. The basic settlement units are statistically registered in the municipality three: Paseky nad Jizerou, Havírna and Makov. Havírna is a settlement belt in Havírenský Potok valley, south of Hromovka Hill and north of Mechovice Hill (803 m nm) and consists of settlements Za Vrškem, Na Piavě, Lomička, Suchá etc. Makov is a settlement in the southern part of the village, in the valley Makovského potoka. The north-western part of the village, with several ski lifts and slopes, is called Hořensko, and a group of cottages on the eastern slope of the hill Javorník (822 m nm) is called Tomšov. On the road near Tomšov there is an ancient pub Na Perlíčku or Na Pldek. The village is also a wooded area (mostly spruce forests) north of Havírna, with the hills of Hromovka (916 m nm), White rock (near 957 m above sea level, the site of the village is 964 m nm) and Kapradník (910 m nm) They were taken in the Jizera Valley. The lowest point of the village is Jizera, 476 m

The village adjoins the villages Zlatá Olešnice and Kořenov in the west (Rejdice, Příchovice and Polubný), and Jizerou with the town in the northwest Harrachov, in the east of Jizera with the city Rokytnice (Dolní Rokytnice), in the south with the territory of the town of Vysoké nad Jizerou (near Sklenařice) and the town Jablonec nad Jizerou.

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