Drábské světničky - a rock fortress in the Bohemian Paradise


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Drábské světničky are the remains of an original wooden castle on sandstone blocks in the cadastral area of ​​Dneboh in the district of Mladá Boleslav, 4 km east of Mnichovo Hradiště. It is located in the protected landscape area Bohemian Paradise, in the territory of the European site NATURA 2000 and Příhrazské skály Nature Reserve. The rock fortress was built on the northwest edge of the platform called Hrada at an altitude of about 370 meters (105-155 m above the river Jizera). The castle has been protected since 1958 as part of an extensive, immovable cultural monument, including the broader area of ​​the Hrad fortification with adjacent Klamorna. The owner of the land with the castle complex is the Czech Republic, the management and care of the monument are provided by Forests of the Czech Republic.

The fortified seat of the unknown name, according to archaeological sources, was sometimes founded in the second third of 13. during the significant colonization activities of the Cistercian Castles. Drábské světničky with the nearby Klamorna and the fortifications of Staré Hrady u Příhraz at least initially fulfilled the function of guard points, guarding the monastery territory as well as part of the Péizerská trail. Numerous archaeological findings illustrate the existence of the castle until 14. century and only slightly in 15. century, when it is considered to be restored during the Hussite wars.

The utilization of the carved space during the older modern period is also documented by historical petroglyphs. Some inscriptions from 16. and 17. centuries together with the writing of written sources allow meetings of members of the fraternal unity and the possible stay of Utrakvistic priests. The edges of some of the rock blocks and the castle's pre-poll changed the mining of sandstone blocks.

The castle was built on five or seven rock blocks, separated by narrow cracks. At several elevation levels of 15-40 m high rocks there are preserved twelve sheds of various functions, five corridors, seven foundations and five bridge structures, and a gutter tiling showing the anchor of the wooden palisade. On the edges of the rocks there is a possibility to reconstruct the wooden galleries, between the blocks there are preserved tracks after the cracks are closed. The dominance of the whole disposition was a massive timbered tower that protected the entrance to the castle after a suspension or dropping bridge. The medieval entrance was led from the east from the blocks following the continuous rock outpost. The biggest room of the castle is the chapel - a room with a carved altar, uncovered in 1921.

Drábské světničky are a popular tourist destination. Today's tourist approach from the bottom of the cracked cliff was probably due to 1830, the staircase was extended in the 1920s by the Czechoslovak Tourists Club. Today, the main part of the top parts of the rock blocks is connected by a system of ladders and bridges (sightseeing circuit).

The tour of the castle is free and runs without a guide. The sightseeing tour begins with a wooden entrance gate, renovated in 2016. This part of the monument is always accessible to visitors from 1. April to 31. October, in the daytime, with limited weather conditions.

The shortest way to the rock massif follows the blue tourist sign from the Kavčina car park in the village of Dneboh (0,6 km). The nearest train stop in the village Brezina on line 070 Prague-Turnov is on a yellow marked way away from the rock castle 2,5 kilometer.

The mountaineering area of ​​Drábské světničky forms the north-western part of Příhrazská Highlands between the cottage Na Krásné vyhlídce and Klamornou. Two-kilometer rock rocks have been described on the 111 Rocks of 915 climbing routes.

On all rock blocks associated with Drábské světnička castle, all mountaineering activities are forbidden to protect the cultural monument. It concerns the objects listed in the database of the Czech Mountaineering Union: Drábský masív, Partyzán, Drábský Sloup, Čtyřlístek and the north and east wall of the Dráb tower.

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