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Mountains (German Riesengebirge, Polish Karkonosze) are the geomorphological total and the highest mountain range in the Czech and the Highlands. It lies in northeastern Bohemia (the western part lies in the Liberec region, the eastern part of Královéhradecký) and in the south of the Polish part of Silesia. The highest mountain in the Giant Mountains is Sněžka (1603 m). According to legend, he guards Mountains the mythical spirit of Krakonos. It is one of the most popular mountain areas in the Czech Republic.

Wider mountain range including today 's Mountains was already described in antiquity as Sudetenland, which is probably Celtic origin (most commonly translated as the Bohemian Mountains), or Balkan origin (translated as Kozí hory). Klaudios Ptolemaios (for example, 85-165) used Sudetayle (from the Ore Mountains) and Askiburgion (especially the Jeseníky Mountains, the surroundings of the vandal town of Askiburgium, perhaps up to the Lusatian Mountains, including the Giant Mountains) for today's Sudetenland. Dio Cassius in 3. century used the name Vandalski Mountains for Askiburgion. After Ptolemy's maps arrived in Bohemia, Bohuslav Balbín and Pavel Skála of Zhoř used the extension of the name Sudety to the whole belt (17 century).

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