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Klokočské Rocks is a nature reserve ev. No. 918 in Jičínská pahorkatina, west of the village of Klokočí in the district of Semily in the Liberec Region. The area is administered by the AOPK ČR - regional office in Liberec. The nature reserve is situated in the area of ​​the Bohemian Paradise Protected Landscape Area, the site of the Jizera Breakthrough near Austria and the Bohemian Paradise Geopark.

The Klokoč Rocks form a rock town at the edge of the Kuest from quartz quartz sandstones of the Upper Turon to Coniak, bowed to the southwest. The highest point (458 m asl) lies on the structurally denuding back in the southeast. The mild structural slope of the Kuesta in the central and northwestern part is subdivided by numerous sufos sinkholes, on a steep slope there were towers, columns and rock walls with gravity abutment shapes and powerful foot heaps. In places, there were rock niches, pseudo-karst caves (many of them significant and archaeologically) and rock mushrooms. The rocks are mostly forested with pine, sometimes with birch. In the southeast is the ruins of the rock castle Rotštejn. There are climbing objects. From the line of rock terraces oriented in the direction NW – SE there are distant views of the northern mountains over the Roven's furrow.

The Klokoč Kuesta is often referred to as a “geomorphological textbook”, as this relatively small area shows virtually all forms of sandstone rock relief. Klokoč Rocks are therefore classified as geological localities of national importance.

Under the name Klokočská kuesta it is also a part of the geomorphological unit belonging to the whole Jičínská pahorkatina, sub-Turnovská pahorkatina, district Turnovská stupňovina and podokrsko Klokočsko-rovenské kuesty.

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