Giant, Giant Mountains, Czech Paradise


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    Prales Jizera

    The Prales Jizera Nature Reserve is a protected area situated in the cadastral area of ​​the village of Hejnice in the Liberec region, which is the oldest nature reserve in the Jizera Mountains. It occupies the top part of the second highest mountain on the Czech side of the Jizera Mountains - Jizera - at the eastern end of the Hejnice Ridge. The subject of protection is the remnants of predominantly mountain climax spruce, bouldering suture [...]

  • Giant Mountains

    The Jizera Mountains (German Isergebirge, Polish Góry Izerskie, slang also called Jizerky) are the geomorphological total and the northernmost mountain range of the Czech Republic. The mountain range was named after the Jizera River, which springs on the slopes of Smrk, the highest mountain in the Czech part of the mountains. It was formerly regarded as the western tip of the Giant Mountains. Its substantial part is located in Poland, where also lies the highest peak [...]

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