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WordPress is a free open source content management system written in PHP and MySQL and developed under the GNU GPL license. It is the official successor to b2 / cafelog and has a wide user and developer community. The number of 4.7 downloads has been released since the release of almost 36 million.

According to official statistics, it is used as a CMS to more than 27% of the world's web sites and overcomes open source CMS like Joomla or Drupal, which holds up to three percent.

Basic features

  • open source system, available for free, anyone can help with its refinement
  • complies with XML, XHTML, and CSS standards
  • integrated link manager
  • integrated media gallery (image management and their basic editing directly in the editorial system, automatic creation of thumbnails of defined dimensions)
  • structure of permanent links friendly to internet search engines and user-configurable
  • Plug-in support for feature extension - Nearly 50 000 is available in the official repository
  • support theme themes
  • support for function blocks - so-called widgets (such as recent posts, custom text, RSS listings, etc.)
  • possibility to post posts into categories (even multiple)
  • the ability to add labels (tags) to improve navigation
  • you can create a tree hierarchy
  • Search within websites
  • support for trackback and pingback (automatic submission of new content information to external services and acceptance of this notice if someone else's site references)
  • a typographic filter for formatting and text style
  • support for embedding external content using oEmbed format
  • support multiple user accounts with different permissions

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