Rozhledna Kozákov


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Kozákov (744 m) is the highest mountain of Kozákovský ridge and Bohemian Paradise. From the prehistory, the top has been searched for as a store of precious stones, of which prehistoric hunters made simple tools. In the cavities of the rock spherical fillings of agate, jasper, amethyst, crystal, greens and other semi-precious stones were crystallized.

The site was used in the Middle Ages to decorate the temples. Kozákov is also a popular place for paragliding. The largest part of the Kozákov area is formed by perennial rocks, which are covered by a tertiary larch of basalt and volcanic sediments on top, north and east. Before 6 to 4 for millions of years, Kozakov was the active volcano.

The western side of Kozákov is made up mainly of semi-mountainous Upper Cretaceous Cenomanian sandstones. These have been broken into a few kerues in the Tertiary and brought to their present form.

In the Middle Ages, the blaze burned on Kozák. Later, thousands of people's camps were gathered here. In 1901, the Turnov painter Jan Prousek proposed the construction of a Neo-Romanesque Chapel of St. Cyril and Methodius or more than 20 meters high Slavic mound with an artificial cave planted local semi-precious stones. After the establishment of Czechoslovakia, 28 burned here every year. October. After the death of František Ladislav Rieger of the year 1903, the idea was created to honor his memory with the construction of the Rieger Mound. A year later, the “Rieger Cairn Building Cooperative” launched a successful nationwide collection. Later, two concepts competed together: a mound or a mausoleum versus a tourist cottage with a restaurant and a Rieger memorial. The second variant was taken by the Czech Tourists Club.

The cornerstone of the cottage was laid 29. August 1926. The cottage was built from collections, gifts and donations from nearby towns. 24 was inaugurated. June 1928. During the Second World War the cottage was occupied by the German and Czechoslovak army. After February 1948 the cottage was nationalized and handed over to the restaurant and canteen. In May of the year 1964 cottage burned down. In the year 1994 Club of Czech Tourists in Semily bought the cottage in desolate condition from the state. In 1995, a lookout tower at 40 meters was opened at the top with a viewing platform at 24 meters.

The tower also serves as a metal telecommunication mast for the army, police and firefighters. Since 2002 Kozákov has been a part of the Bohemian Paradise PLA. In 2003, Rieger's cottage was reopened after a general reconstruction. The tower offers views of the Bohemian Paradise, Pojizeří, České středohoří, Giant Mountains and the Lusatian Mountains, Ještěd, Mountains, Podkrkonoší, Broumovská vrchovina, Orlické hory and possibly also the foothills of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands.

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