The bridge in the village Peřimov, Peřimovský bridge


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Peřimovský Bridge is located in the Semily district, overflows the Jizera River and is part of the III / 28618 road connecting the towns of Peřimov (and connected Mříčná) with the village of Dolní Sytová and the main road II / 292 from Semil to Horní Sytová. state road I / 14. From the above road number, there is also the registration number of the bridge within the Regional Road Administration: 28618-3.

This bridge was supposed to be the first in Europe without a center support, the entire weight is carried by a vault only. The historical postcards are mentioned as the longest reinforced concrete bridge in Bohemia. Both shores of Jizera connected first the ford. Probably during the construction of the so-called Pojizerska road (today road II / 292) in the 1878-1881 years, a wooden footbridge was built close to the estuary of the Mříčensko-Peřimov creek Olšina to the Jizera. On the Sytov side, the footbridge ended at No. 100 under the so-called Upper Seed.

However, this subtle footbridge repeatedly damaged the floods, the beginning of 20. century, it was decided to build a thorough bridge high above the river. However, the river is relatively narrow at the chosen site and its flow (especially during the flood) is fast, so it was necessary to interfere as little as possible with the channel and the bridge was technically designed as an arched one-arched without a central support. The supporting part of the bridge consists of four segments: two quadrilateral arches with its own bridge and two supporting side pillars, the total span is 45 meters and the vault thickness in the thinnest 70 cm.

All the elements are connected by three joints, formed by mutually supported steel plate surfaces. Vertical structures of side concrete walls with decorative elements (4 × 6 niches), ending on the ridge by the road, are firmly concreted on this supporting part. The side railing above the bridge is made up of 2 × 25 square square columns, with 2 × 26 railings made of steel decorative construction of simple geometric shapes.

The railing above the pillars, ie on both headers, is made of cast concrete with decorative elements. The railing on the Peřimov head is straight and supplemented with double-sided niches in case of avoiding pedestrians with vehicles. On the side of the Southeastern side, the same form was used, but later the road was enlarged, the original railing was demolished and replaced by the arched parallel to the road leading to the Y-shaped crossing.

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