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Mrazik (Russian Morozko, Morozko) is a colorful Soviet film from 1964, traditionally broadcast on Czech TV at Christmas time. Frost (Grandfather Mraz) is also a mythical figure of Slavic mythology. The film was directed by Alexander Rou, the author of the script was the prominent playwright Nikolai Robertovich Erdman.

The film uses the motifs of traditional Russian fairy tales, but its own story is original. The main characters are the fairy-tale grandfather Mrazík (Grandfather Mráz), the personification of the winter, the nice and modest Nastěnka depicted by Natalija Sedychova, and as its opposite the evil sister Marfus. There is also a good-looking (from the beginning proud) Ivan and a favorite witch, or Jaba Jaga, who lives in a cottage on the foot of a chicken, named after František Filipovský.

The film is very popular in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as in the making (for example, in the phrases "robbed old lady" or "baba arrived").

Frost is a condition where the temperature in the environment falls below 0 ° C, or below freezing. Water changes the state from liquid to solid, thus solidifies, resulting in significant changes. Rainfall replaces snow. The water, when touched by a hard frozen surface, changes into ice, ice crystals grow.

Frost occurs in the northern hemisphere, in a moderate belt, in the winter, in the southern hemisphere, the period is overturned. In the temperate belt, the southern hemisphere freezes less frequently, as there are fewer mainland and more oceans, resulting in the ocean climate most of the areas.

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