Paragliding Lysa hora, Rokytnice nad Jizerou


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Rokytnice (German Rochlitz) is a city and mountain resort in the western Giant Mountains. It is located in the Liberec region, in the Semily district, in the extended valley of the Huťský brook between the massifs of the mountains Stráž (782 m), Čertova hora (1022 m) and Lysá hora (1344 m) and along the left (eastern) bank of the river Jizera.

The town in the valley of Huťský potok was probably founded around 1574 as a glass settlement. The first inhabitants lived here by mining wood, copper, silver and lead. In 1625, Albrecht of Valdštejn has explored local deposits, which also improved the living conditions of local miners. After Valdstein's death, the meaning of the mines falls again. Since then, until the 20 century, the local population has tried to restore the mining activity, but it has never been successful. Since the foundation of the city, it has been developing in traditional glassmaking. Even after the Thirty Years War, the citizens of Rokytnice were mostly Protestant faiths, from which they did not make quite successful attempts at re-Catholicization. In 18. century, there was a rebellion in the city. During this period the first textile enterprises were established. The development of the Martinice railway line was also helped by the development of the industry Giant Mountains - Rokytnice, which was put into operation in 1899. In 1903, a new town hall was built in central Rokytnice, which was passed through 70. years of reconstruction. After 2. World War and the expulsion of German-speaking inhabitants, the development of tourism in the city and its surroundings is taking place.


It includes four cadastral territories: Dolní Rokytnice, Horní Rokytnice, Rokytno v Giant Mountains and Frantisek v Giant Mountains. In terms of evidence, in Dolní Rokytnice there are also local parts of Hleďsebe, Hranice and Studenov.

Cadastral territory Dolní Rokytnice in town Rokytnice In addition to its own Dolní Rokytnice, it includes also the settlement units Hleďsebe, Studenov, Liščí Díra, Hranice, Vilémov, Letní Strana, Zimní strana, Mala Rokytnice. In the southwest, the hill Stráž falls. Dolni Rokytnice also includes the Church of St. Michael the Archangel.

The border between Dolní and Horní Rokytnice runs through the square in front of the town hall: most of the square is in Dolní Rokytnice, but the Town Hall with the department store already belongs to Horní Rokytnice.

Cadastral territory Horní Rokytnice In addition to its own Horní Rokytnice, it also includes settlements Horní Ves, Horní Kout, Zákoutí, Hrušov and Horní Domky. On the main road it is defined on the west by the town hall square, on the eastern side it ends near the Upper Square and the bus station (the course already belongs to Rokytna). In the south it includes the entire Sacher Ridge, in the northwest the area Na skalkách and Kostelní vrch.

Cadastral area Rokytno v Giant Mountains includes also Rokytna and Háj, V Rybníčkách, Světlanka, Dvoračky. The area also includes the upper part of the Huťský brook including the Huťský waterfall, the northwest slope of the Vlčí ridge and the belt of the area to the main ridge of the Giant Mountains: ), Vosecká bouda and peak Tvarožník; on the ridge around the Sokolník hillRokytno borders Poland.

The cadastral area of ​​Františkov in the Giant Mountains includes the Františkov settlement, lying south of the Sachra ridge, and the area of ​​the area east of the settlement to the top of the Vlčí ridge.


When the town got a character, it is not exactly known. It is evidenced by the seal and the federal banner from the second half of 19. of the table. It consisted of a square shield on which there were four signs, an earlier seal of four villages: Rokytna, Františkova, Horní Rokytnice, and Dolní Rokytnice.

The shield is square. In the first quarter of gold there is a gray rock at the right edge of the shield, in front of it on the green ground, a reversed, black-faced miner at work (Rokytno); in the second, right upper blue field stands the brown-to-left inverted fox (Františkov); in the third, left lower, also blue field there is a black-eyed white sheep on the lawn (Horní Rokytnice) and in the fourth golden field is a black-brown bear, erect on the hind legs, turned to the left and holding a silver blade in the front paws (Dolní Rokytnice ). Above the shield is a silver brick.


The newly built Upper Square in Upper Rokytnice with Alpine-style houses.

Over the last 15 years there have been many significant changes in the city. A huge ski area with 28 lifts and a four-seater chairlift was built on Lysa Mountain. This cableway is the only one that leads to the first zone of the KRNAP. In 2006 another four-seat chairlift was opened, within the Horní domky area. It leads from Rokytka parking lot to Lovecka cottage.

There has been a large increase in the accommodation capacity of the city. The new squares (Upper Square and Lower Square) were completely built with houses and apartments in alpine style and quality service. But these projects have greatly increased the city's indebtedness, which even threatened the city. This danger has been jeopardized and currently belongs Rokytnice among our most attractive summer and winter holiday resorts in the Giant Mountains. The city has a primary school, 2 kindergarten, special school and health center.

The streets and squares in the town are not named: the name is used only for the newly built Upper Square in Horní Rokytnice. For orientation purposes, the names of local parts, or even sub-units (for example, Letní Strana and Zimní strana to distinguish the sides of the Huťský valley in Dolní Rokytnice) are used.

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