Nature of Prachov Rocks


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Jump into Prachov Rocks … .. Prachov Rocks are rock formations of sandstone formations of various shapes, extending roughly 5 to 7 km northwest of the town of Jičín, a nature reserve, part of the Bohemian Paradise PLA and a popular tourist destination. They originated in the Mesozoic era as sediments on the sea edge.

Geomorphologically Prachovské rocks are part of the whole Jičínská pahorkatina, subtotal Turnovská hill, Vyskeřská vrchovina and Prachovská vrchovina, which are a separate geomorphological part.

There are archaeological findings proving that people lived here in the prehistoric times of the Stone Age. The whole area of ​​the rocks was a natural fortress of Slavic tribes, only a few places filled with valleys. Inside, the first settlement was built.

Probably by the end of 13. The Velis Castle was built on one of the basalt peaks with the adjoining Veliš manor. Several decades later, the estate was put into the possession of Vartemberks, and various settlements were created at the end of 15. the Trčková of Lípa is mentioned here as the owners. At the beginning of 17. century property was taken over by Smiřičtí from Smiřice, but in 1625 the estate was taken over by the Wallenstein family and annexed to its Frýdlant duchy. After the ruins of the manor were dismantled, settlements in the rocks disappeared.

The new stage begins in 1637, when Colonel Jindřich Šlik won the estate from the Earl of the Šliky Count with the estates in western Bohemia, which was promoted to the man-made state by the Emperor Zikmund. Rod Šliky owned the local estate until nationalization in 1948.

1866 was one of the Prussian-Austrian battles near the rocks, which the Prussians, though less numerous, won.

Since the end of 19. century, the rocks became the target of both climbers and tourists. In 1933, they became a state nature reserve.

The first documentation of the entire complex of rocks was already in 1874. A professor at Jičín Grammar School Antonín Zefyrin Maloch created a detailed plan using a compass and stepping method. The result of his work was to be a detailed map that was never completed. The first routes and significant rock formations marked out in 1879 Maloch's students who also according to his map map Prachov Rocks released. The rocks were popularized by Ivan Mládek's song of the same name. Now there are three guided tours for tourists. The tourist season here lasts from 1. April to the end of October. Access to the rocks is charged. Mountaineers have the option of buying a season ticket at a discounted price and can move outside the marked routes, but they must be members of the ČHS or UIAA. In the rocks there are a number of modified, differently named prospects. In the middle of the rocky area there is a natural swimming pool Pelíšek.

In the restitution lawsuit, the Šliky family acquired 1993's area back and started to operate tourism-related services here. Public attendance is estimated at 300 000 people per year.

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