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Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, AI) is a computer science specializing in the creation of machines showing signs of intelligent behavior. The definition of "intelligent behavior" is still the subject of discussion, most commonly used as a standard of intelligence by human reason. John McCarthy came to 1955 for the first time.

Artificial intelligence research is highly specialized and specialized, and it is divided into several fields that can often not be linked. The whole research is also divided into several technical problems; some of the subfields deal with the solution of specific problems, some of them, for example, to use specific tools or to achieve specific applications. The question of whether it is possible to construct artificial intelligence is also closely related to the problem of consciousness, the question of calculations carried out by the human brain itself or the question of the evolution of cognitive abilities. Similar philosophies of artificial intelligence are similar dilemmas.

The main issues in artificial intelligence research include thinking, knowledge, planning, learning, natural language processing (communication), perception and the ability to move or manipulate objects. Achieving general intelligence is still one of the main goals of research in this field.

neural networks
Artificial neural networks in artificial intelligence have a pattern of behavior of corresponding biological structures. They consist of computational models of neurons that transmit signals to each other and transform them through the function to transmit to other "neurons."

Genetic programming
Genetic programming, strictly speaking, is not a means of solving artificial intelligence problems, but a general programming procedure that instead of writing a specific task solving algorithm seeks this approach through evolutionary methods.

Expert systems
Expert system is a computer program designed to provide expert advice, decisions or recommend solutions in a particular situation. Expert systems are designed to handle non-numeric and vague information to solve tasks that are not solvable by traditional algorithmic procedures.

Machine learning
Machine learning is a sub-area of ​​artificial intelligence dealing with algorithms and techniques that allow a computer system to 'learn'. Learning in a given context means a change in the internal state of the system that will make it more adaptable to changes in the environment.

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