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  • Roudnice in Krkonoše spring 2018 Read more>

    Roudnice in Krkonoše spring 2018

    Short February cooling from Roudnice in the Giant Mountains. Roudnice is a village, part of the village Jestřabí in Krkonoše in the district of Semily. It is about 2 km southeast of Jestřabí in the Krkonoše Mountains. There are registered 80 addresses. The 47 inhabitants live here permanently. Roudnice lies in the cadastral area of ​​Roudnice in the Krkonoše Mountains with the area 2,19 km2. Roudnice lies on the back [...]

  • Giant Mountains 2018 Read more>

    Giant Mountains 2018

    The wider mountain range, including today's Krkonoše, was described in ancient times as Sudetenland, which is probably Celtic origin (most commonly translated as the Bohemian Mountains) or Balkan origin (translated as Kozí hory). Klaudios Ptolemaios (for example, 85-165) used Sudetayle (from the Ore Mountains) and Askiburgion (especially the Jeseníky Mountains, near the town of Askiburg,

  • Hruboskalsko from the height Read more>

    Hruboskalsko from the height

    Hruboskalsko is a nature reserve renowned for 22. April 1998. The 219,2 ha is one of the largest rock towns in the Bohemian Paradise Protected Landscape Area. The reason for the protection is an extensive rock town with preserved relics. Hruboskalské rock town includes hundreds of rock massifs and separate towers that reach altitudes up to 60 m. Due to the small resistance of sandstone and permanent [...]

  • Újezd ​​pod Troskami Read more>

    Újezd ​​pod Troskami

    Újezd ​​pod Troskami is located in the north-western part of Jicin district, adjacent to the Semily district, on the I / 35 road. The village lies below the famous Trosky Castle, which is located nearby and is a significant landmark of the Bohemian Paradise, which is popular with tourists. The church is a typical building for the village. John the Baptist from 1874. The first written report on [...]

  • Benecko lookout tower Žalý photography Read more>

    Benecko lookout tower Žalý photography

    Benecko is a Krkonoše village located in Jilemnicka, in the north-eastern part of Semily district. It consists of eight parts (Benecko, Dolni Stepanice, Horni Stepanice, Mrklov, Rychlov, Stepanicka Lhota, Zákoutí and Žalý). It lives around 1 100. The center of gravity of the benefit region has shifted over time according to the prevailing economic activities. The original historical center of settlement was Horní Štěpanice - [...]

  • Les Království Water Reservoir - Carp Rod & Praga V3S Read more>

    Les Království Water Reservoir - Carp Rod & Praga V3S

    The Forest Kingdom is a dam reservoir on the River Elbe built in 1920. It lies at the lonely Tešnov in the cadastral area of ​​Bílá Třemešná, 4 km upstream from Dvůr Králové nad Labem, in a narrow valley passing through Kocléřovský ridge. On the left bank it is surrounded by the extensive forest complex of the Kingdom, the rest of the old border forest, after which it [...]

  • Spring in the Giant Mountains, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Buřany, Františkov Read more>

    Spring in the Giant Mountains, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Buřany, Františkov

    Giant Mountains (German Riesengebirge, Polish Karkonosze) are the geomorphological total and the highest mountain range in the Czech and the Highlands. It lies in northeastern Bohemia (the western part lies in the Liberec region, the eastern part of Královéhradecký) and in the south of the Polish part of Silesia. The highest mountain in the Giant Mountains is Sněžka (1603 m). According to rumors, the Krkonoše Mountains guard the mythical Krakonoš spirit. It is one of the most popular mountain areas in the Czech Republic. [...]

  • Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Lysá hora, Skiareál Horní Domky, Strážník Read more>

    Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Lysá hora, Skiareál Horní Domky, Strážník

    Spring view of Rokytnice nad Jizerou and surroundings from above. Rokytnice nad Jizerou (German Rochlitz) is a town and mountain resort in the western Giant Mountains. It is located in the Liberec region, in the Semily district, in the prolonged valley of the Huťský brook between the massifs of the mountains Stráž (782 m), Čertova hora (1022 m) and Lysá hora (1344 m) and along the left [

  • Golf Course Golf Club Semily Read more>

    Golf Course Golf Club Semily

    Golf Course Golf Club Semily from the height of 14.04.2018. Semily Golf Course is located in the meander of the Jizera River since 1970. Surrounding Semil is a region of deep valleys with the canyon of the Jizera River and its tributaries with the Oleška, Jílovecký and Chuchelský brooks, Kamenice and Vosmenda. The Romance of the Jizera River Valley strengthens the Rieger Trail, which offers an eighty-meter gallery, [...]

  • Water reservoir Reservoir Reservoir Read more>

    Water reservoir Reservoir Reservoir

    Sushi is a reservoir with a dike on the Černá Desná river. It falls under the Labe River Board, a state-owned enterprise, based in Hradec Králové. The Jablonec nad Nisou plant operates the waterworks. The purpose of the waterworks is the accumulation of water to ensure the collection of raw water for the regional water supply in an average amount of 320 l / s, mitigation of large waters, partial [...]

  • Háje nad Jizerou from the height of 11.04.2018 Read more>

    Háje nad Jizerou from the height of 11.04.2018

    The village of Háje nad Jizerou is located in the Semily district, in the Liberec region, in the middle of the connection between the towns of Semily and Jilemnice, on the banks of the river Jizera (Háje on the left bank, other parts on the right). 682 inhabitants live here. Previously, to 1. 3. 2001, 637 inhabitants were permanently reported in the village, of which 302 in the village of Dolní Sytová, [...]

  • DJI Phantom 4 Read more>

    DJI Phantom 4

    Smart drone - 4K camera with 3 stabilization axis, Lightbridge, reach up to 5km, endurance 28min, max. 20m / s, weight 1380g, GPS, microSD (max.64GB), magnesia skeleton, antikolisní senzory, Tapfly a ActiveTrack . Magnesium construction The DJI Phantom 4 Quadrocopter is equipped with a solid magnesium base that increases stiffness and minimizes vibration and weight of the device itself. Four engines allow stable [...]

  • DJI Mavic Pro Read more>

    DJI Mavic Pro

    Smart drone - 4K camera with 3 stabilization, range up to 7km, 27min, 65km / h, max 734g, GPS, microSD (max.64GB), obstacle detection, Tapfly and ActiveTrack. An intelligent dron can escape obstacles and float exactly. FlightAutonomy includes 5 cameras, GPS and GLONASS, 2 ultrasonic distance sensors, redundant sensors and 24 powerful computing [...]

  • Paseky nad Jizerou from above Read more>

    Paseky nad Jizerou from above

    Paseky nad Jizerou view from the height of 06.04.2018. Paseky nad Jizerou is a mountain village in the district of Semily, in the Liberec region, in the western Giant Mountains on the border of the Jizera Mountains, on the right side of the Jizera Mine. 252 inhabitants live here; a number of cottages and other buildings serve today for a holiday stay. The northern part of the village belongs to the Krkonoše National Park, the southern part of the [...]

  • Relaxing music & frozen Jizera Read more>

    Relaxing music & frozen Jizera

    Frozen Jizera at the stream in Dolní Sytová accompanied by relaxing music. Dolni Sytova (German Nieder-Sittau) is a settlement that is a local part of the village Háje nad Jizerou in the district of Semily in the Liberecký Region. It is about 1,5 km to the northeast of Hájů nad Jizerou, on the right bank of the Jizera, in an area formed predominantly by forests and meadows. This is the road II / 292. There are registered 161 addresses. The 288 inhabitants live here permanently. The first written mention of the village comes from 1323. The parsonage of the settlement belongs to Loukov (Roman Catholic parish at St. Stanislaus Church [...]

  • Bridges Bystrá nad Jizerou and Haje nad Jizerou over frozen Jizerou Read more>

    Bridges Bystrá nad Jizerou and Haje nad Jizerou over frozen Jizerou

    Indoor wooden bridge in Bystré nad Jizerou and metal in Háje nad Jizerou over frozen Jizerou. The Byster Bridge has a number of constructional traits, thanks to which 1958 has been listed on the list of immovable cultural monuments. The bridge carries triangular and trapezoidal hangers. The footbridge is stretched across the river in the length of 24 meters without a supporting pillar in the middle, [...]

  • Castle Nístějka from above, February 2018 Read more>

    Castle Nístějka from above, February 2018

    Nístějka is a ruin of a castle on the highway above the confluence of the Jizera River and the Farský potok and opposite the road I / 14, in the territory of the same name. Accessible is on the yellow tourist sign from Vysoké nad Jizerou. Ceramic finds prove the human presence even in 17. st. Preserved torso of circular towers, palaces and terrain remnants of fortifications. The remains of the castle are protected as [...]

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