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    Castle Frýdštejn

    Fast visit to Frýdštejn Castle ... The castle is dominated by a large castle tower, built on the highest sandstone rock, from where it can be seen across the valley. The tower is 15 meters high, it has an average of 9 meters and the masonry has the power of 2 meters. Pojizeří was from 13. century property of Markvatics. 1363 is mentioned as the owners of the area around Hodkovic [...]

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    Little Rock and Frydstejn

    Ruins of castle Frýdštejn is one of three castles in the Jablonec district. For founding know exactly. We do not know exactly when it was created frýdštejnské estate. But we know that it was the property Markvatice. In 1363 are the lords of Dražice 13 years later (r. 1376) from Jan Bibrštejn and so it is thought that the emergence of Frýdštejn is [...]

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