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EMBAProduction and sale of smooth cardboard and binders

Production and sale of smooth cardboard and binders


Signature EMBA spol. s ro Paseky nad Jizerou lies on the territory of two protected areas - Giantnational park and protected areas Giant Mountains in the valley of the river Jizera. This area is not only an important tourist, but also a sports center for winter sports.

The beginning of the company's history is linked to the 1882 year, when a cardboard shop was established. The first product was white handmade paperboard. For the next period, the expansion of the production program and production areas is characteristic. Significant milestones have been the introduction of brown production paperboard and heavy heavyweight cartons. In 1971, the first automatic self-capturing cardboard machine was installed, and the second cardboard machine was launched in 1989 as a replacement for four hand-cardboard machines.

A major strategic step in the company was the development and realization of the production of the archive system, which provides comprehensive archiving of all documents. At present, the company is expanding its range of office and school supplies, the uniqueness of which is given mainly by the LUXOR material.

ISO 9001: 2000 The company EMBA sro has received the ISO Quality Management System Certificate in 1998. 2009 has been recertified to ISO 9001: 2018, which provides clear information on the company's level of management and quality. The quality and level of the products were simultaneously valued by a number of domestic and foreign awards, such as Packaging the Year and Worldstar. In 2003, we obtained the right to use the trademark The Eco-friendly product on smooth paperboard (above 225 g / m2) and its products for archival systems, boxes and binder.

The emphasis on the quality of our products and the associated service for you and the constant effort to be one step ahead of our competitors enable us to operate successfully not only in the Czech Republic but also in the world markets. Satisfied customers have already found us in 15 countries around the world. The expertise and high qualification of our staff is a guarantee for our customers' reliability and quality in production paperboard, and in the production of final products. In conjunction with ISO 9001 certification: 2008 provides a comprehensive unit providing you with a perfect customer service. We want to take over complete preparation and subsequent production of packaging.

With confidence, you can pass your tasks on us, we'll do the best solution for your satisfaction.

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